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Use of Information in

In last years botany class, we learned a lot about the science of plants and did a lot of different experiments relating to the subject. We wanted to understand the anatomy of a plant and the process of how they live. For me the class started as wondering about the life of plants and eventually grew into a series of questions relating to the biological cycle. I think the best way to start a class is with a few questions about the topic. After we came up with some questions and thought about what we wanted to know, we began to research the different aspects of it. With botany being a science subject there was an extensive amount of information available. There being a lot of information can be very helpful at times but it can also be hard to discern through it. It is important to seek out as much and as different of information as you can because you want as many points of view as possible. Someone may have lots of credible information but its not as useful if its from only one perspective. In science, objectivity is possibly the most important aspect of research and experimentation. I personally learned a lot of valuable information in this class, information that will serve me well in life if I ever choose to use it. I also believe that it is important to understand the world around you and to question the origin of given information.